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以防你错过, 在这里 are some recent press articles featuring stories about 大发app下载.

网络研讨会- Henley Standard
Pupils make cards for elderly neighbours - Henley Standard
Twyford school pupils create Christmas cards and sing carols for the elderly
- Photo 1 of 3 - Maidenhead Advertiser (maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk)

Teenager cycles 100 miles in two weeks for charity - Henley Standard
Girl thrilled with success of takeaway pizza business - Henley Standard
- Photo 1 of 1 - Maidenhead Advertiser (maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk)


School turns sports hall into mass testing centre - Henley Standard


Footballing girls feel more onside with A-level studies - Henley Standard


Piggott School student selected for British Para Swimming Talent Squad. 



  • PSA AGM 2021


    PSA年度股东大会将如期举行 10月11日星期一下午6:30开始 在大发app学校. 如阁下有意参加周年大会或有兴趣加入家长会,请浏览网页 http://www.colfremantle.com/psa

  • 大发app学校新闻


    We are gearing up for an exciting and busy year 在大发app学校 and we want you to be the first to know about what's happening. 

    也可以参考你的邮件, 您可以通过大发app的网站了解Piggott学校的最新新闻和事件, 学校新闻应用程序(说明在这里), 推特 和大发app的 学校的博客

    你可以在网上找到大发app的2021-2022年日历 在这里 不要错过大发app的新 中六就业简讯 - your fortnightly round-up of all things post-Piggott including career and post-18 information and opportunities for students.  

      在推特上关注大发app @PiggottCESchool


    a - level的语言 @piggenglang

    体育课 @PiggottPE

    计算机科学 @PiggottCS

    数学 @3142ggott

    历史 @piggotthistory

    社会学 @piggology

    心理学 @piggpsych

    科学 @PiggiodicTable

    商业研究 @PiggottBS

    戈特差点就成功的旅行 @PiggottTrips


    如果您曾在大发app学校就读,大发app将邀请您加入大发app的 Linkedin上的Piggott校友



  • 欢迎12年级家长



    请允许我借此机会欢迎你们作为家长来到大发app的六年级社区, 大发app很高兴与您合作,指导您的儿子或女儿完成他们的学习.

    Our 六年级 welcome evening is scheduled for Thursday 16th 9月. It would have been lovely to have invited you into school, but we have decided that in order to keep the community safe, 我的演讲要预录. The information communicated on this evening will be useful for all parents, but especially for parents going through this process for the first time. 演讲后, 大发app将提供一个谷歌表格,您可以在这里发布一般性的问题. 演讲后 should you have a question that relates to your child specifically please direct those to myself, 凯伦·伯奇(12年级校长) burchk@colfremantle.com 或Dusterhoft先生(六年级校长) dusterhoftd@colfremantle.com.







  • 一天2021年


    选择一所能让你的孩子快乐成长的中学是一个重大的决定.  这是你孩子一生中一个重要的里程碑,这个决定非常重要. 如果你考虑去大发app学校, we encourage you and your child to join us for our series of Open Day activities:


    On 9月30日星期四下午6点开始, 大发app将与大家分享一系列来自校长和各部门的视频. 


    On 10月5日星期二和7日星期四下午4点到4点半, 大发app邀请您参加大发app副校长丽贝卡·亚历山大主持的现场网络研讨会, 还有其他关键人员.



    从 10月4日星期一- 8日星期五 we will host a series of pre-booked guided tours around the school site so that you can see learning in action 在这里 在大发app学校.

    预订导游: 请打电话到大发app办公室 01189 402357


  • 参加慈善事业


    特威福德一起慈善5公里欢乐跑是村里最受欢迎的年度活动之一. 这是一个积极参与公益事业的机会, 与家人和邻居一起跑步,也许还会被加冕为“特威福德最快的街道”……这是最大的荣誉! 

    今年的活动在这里举行 大发app下载 on 10月10日周日.

    有四种比赛, split according to school year groups (pre-school toddle (100m), 接收及1年 & 2 (1km), 3年 & 4(1公里),年 & 6 (2km) as well as a chip-timed, multi-terrain, 5K for those aged 11+ (看到地图课程).

    In 2019, 大发app推出了一款全新的, fastest street competition to the Twyford Together Charity 5K and Fun Run. Chip timing allows us to collect race times for individual streets in our 5K race. The street with the fastest cumulative time for three runners wins! So, get training with your neighbours if you want to beat our 2019 winners, 斯普林菲尔德公园!


    New for 2021 is the option of receiving a medal or ‘dedicating a tree’.


    Twyford Together Charity 5K and Fun Run | Facebook

    Twyford Together Charity 5K and Fun Run - Twyford Together

  • 回到学校-什么时候?


    The latest information for parents and carers about the return to school in 9月 2021 was emailed out today.  你也会发现所有的细节 在这里.

  • 对于普通中等教育证书(GCSE)学生来说,这是他们应得的成功


    Headteacher Mr Gray is pleased to announce an outstanding set of GCSE results for 大发app下载 again this year. 大发app的学生和工作人员非常努力,今年的成绩证明了这一点.

    91%的学生通过了英语语言考试,91%的学生通过了英国普通中等教育证书(GCSE) 4级或以上的数学考试. Our combined best English and mathematics Level 4+ pass rate was 87%.

    Our five or more Level 4+ including best English and mathematics is 86%.

    Exceptional results were achieved across a range of subjects with GCSE Level 4+ pass rates of 100% in nine subjects: Art and Design, 生物学, 化学, 中国人, 计算机科学, 进一步的数学, 摄影, 物理和统计.

    All our other subjects achieved outstanding pass rates including 历史 (97%), 西班牙(96%), 法国(95%), 德国(90%), 媒体研究(89%), 地理(89%), 戏剧(89%), 英国文学(88%), 运动研究(88%), 商业研究(87%), RE (87%), 音乐(86%), 设计技术(85%), 综合科学(84%)和食品技术(76%). We also had a 97% Level 2 pass rate for Performing Arts – Dance.

    “大发app绝大多数学生将在9月份重返六年级学习, together with a significant number of external candidates. 大发app下载 六年级 is a centre of excellence for Academic, 应用一般和技术学习.”

    格雷先生要感谢所有的教职员工,感谢他们一直以来的辛勤工作, 奉献精神和专业精神. Congratulations to all our students on their richly deserved success, and thank you to all of their parents for their unstinting support.

  • 学生因奉献精神而受到表扬


    Headteacher Mr Gray is pleased to announce another outstanding set of A Level and Level 3 Vocational results for 大发app下载 in each of our Academic, 应用通用和技术课程. 工作人员和学生都非常努力,这反映在成绩上.

    A level results 在大发app学校 continue to show year on year improvement from an already very high baseline. 大发app的A级通过率是99.5%, 43.A*成绩的7% & A. 68.5% of our results were graded at A*-B, and over 90% graded A*-C. The average point score per A level entry was 41 points using the QCA system.

    Our Vocational Level 3 pass rate for Applied General qualifications was 96%, 优等生94%. 技术性科目报名, 每个学生都在这门课上表现优异,所有成绩都达到了杰出或杰出之星的水平.

    这再一次显示了大发app作为一个卓越的学术中心的优秀的六年级, 应用一般和技术学习.

    当学校校长哈里·戴斯利(Harry Daisley)在a - level生物考试中获得a *时,他的心情是两种混合体, 化学和历史. “The first being relief and the second being disbelief. The finished product has been so validating because we’ve had a unique experience during the pandemic and this has shown that I have been able rise to a challenge like this and it is testament to the teachers also. 我计划在利兹大学学习医学,希望成为一名医生.”


    School captain Chloe Eames received A* for Business and 体育课, together with an A in 生物学 and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Chloe was completely relieved when she opened her results this morning. “当你收到一封邮件,说你被大学录取了,你会如释重负.” Chloe will be studying Sport and Exercise 科学 at Exeter University and hopes to become a physiotherapist.



    物理, 数学 and Further 数学 student Matthew Sullivan will be going on to study 物理 at Oxford University having received A* across the board. 他不知道从大学里能学到什么,但他希望能学到很多有趣的东西和物理知识!

    Mr Gray wishes all Piggott students the very best for their future and thanks all the teaching and support staff for their continued 奉献精神和专业精神.

  • 在IT行业工作的酷孩子


    Year 7 students took part in a special virtual event run by CISCO called CISCO Kids in IT which aimed to show students how fun and exciting the technology industry can be. 该活动旨在让他们了解行业内的其他工作职能,如人力资源, 市场营销和销售, 这表明他们在IT工作并不需要成为“极客”的一部分. 除了, the team at CISCO showed them what key skills are needed for working in business;  encouraged them to work in teams and gave them a chance to get up and present back to the rest of the group and the experts over at CISCO via a live feed.

  • 戈特差点就成功的运动天


    学校运动会, 通常是整个学校聚在一起竞争学院胜利的那一天, is one of the most exciting and memorable days on the school calendar. 在运动会那天,学生们一起工作, 互相鼓励和支持, 挑战自我, step outside their comfort zone and discover hidden talents. Whatever your ability, t在这里 is a role to play for every student on Sports Day. 

    随着第一号最近的声明.10 that school sports days can go ahead within bubbles, we have planned (受天气)运动日. 不幸的是,大发app不欢迎观众来参加活动,但一定要问问你的孩子他们怎么样了! 

    7年级学生周三30th 6月 

    8年级学生星期二13th 7月



  • 让别人听到你的声音


    给住在查维尔的学生和他们的家人, you have the 影响事物的机会 你的邻居 will look like in the future by completing the Neighbourhood Plan Survey 在这里 http://neighbourhoodplan.charvil.com 


    • 关于重要问题的报道,比如 green spaces, leisure, traffi­c, transport, schools社会和经济需要 优先级,等等 当地的住房需求

    • 你的 影响事物的机会 你的邻居 will look like in the future: it will be much more effective than any late-stage objections to developments on a case-by-case basis

    • 一份文件(它有法律效力!), 覆盖2026 - 2036, that Wokingham Borough Council must take into consideration when planning future development for the village

    • 目前正在生产由查维尔教区委员会和当地志愿者,领导一个指导小组

    • Guided by the response of local residents to a community survey, which is then the subject of a local referendum before being adopted

    • 建立Charvil未来发展所需的愿景和政策, 同时平衡当地社区的需求, 更广阔的社区和周边地区

  • Techognition 2021


    # TECHOGNITION is a national celebration of technical support staff, 认识到他们在学校及FE大学教育中扮演的重要角色. This one-day event celebrates the work of school and FE college technicians with the aim of publicly showcasing their vast range of skills and the variety of tasks that these jobs entail.

    We extend our appreciation to all our technicians 在大发app学校 who work diligently behind the scenes to prepare resources and materials for practical lessons.  没有你大发app做不到.





  • 校服购物


    Stevensons - School uniform outfitters - Summer 2021 Update 

  • 学习领导


    每年, our Year 9 students have the opportunity to apply to become a leader and role model in the subject they have a passion for.  在正常情况下,大发app的领导会为小学生做一系列的讲座. 由于目前的情况, 大发app希望确保大发app的九年级学生有机会参加这个奖励计划, so our leaders delivered a number of exciting and engaging activities for their peers in Year 9 instead of primary age children. 

    大发app的领导力课程旨在为学生提供独特的学习体验, 这将给他们在各种不同的情况下领导和管理的技能和信心. 该课程以自信和自尊为重点,促进成熟、承诺和团队合作. 它将使学生体验到站起来带头的感觉.

    T在这里 is no doubt that students learn by teaching 和大发app的 领导力课程s will support your child's knowledge and enthusiasm for their favourite subject. 在结果驱动的环境中, 人们很容易忘记社交技能和人际交往技能的重要性. 

    The personal journey that our students take throughout the programme stands them in good stead for their future careers and life itself. 如果成功, our leadership graduates will be able to use their workbooks and certificates to support entry into further education or employment.  

    当学生开始9年级, they will have the opportunity to apply to become an IT leader, 运动的领导者, ArtsMix领导人, 一种语言的领袖, 设计负责人, 地理领袖或音乐领袖. We are unable to offer a leadership place to every student in Year 9 and t在这里fore places will be awarded based on a formal application process.  没有成为领导者的学生将参加一个学生充实计划. Take a look at some photos of our leaders in action.



  • 学生领导了虚拟游戏之夜


    大发app扶轮少年服务团, 由12年级商科学生艾莉创立, 杰克和玛雅, 周五要举办虚拟游戏之夜, 5月7日晚上7点, 所有捐款都将捐给黛西的梦想, 集中营莫霍克, 和亚历山大·圣儿童临终关怀服务. 他们将玩三个游戏,包括拼字游戏, 宾果和体育卡胡特, 全部由学生主办.

    这些游戏将以点数计算,这是所有三场游戏的累积. The team that gets the most points in all games will win a £10亚马逊券.

    Have a bit of family fun this Friday night and support this student led initiative.

    点击这里报名: http://forms.gle/mmdzbrXdjGAAWS7SA or visit the Piggott Interact Club's Instagram Account @piggottinteractclub. 欢迎捐款,但不是必需的,在注册表格上有更多信息.

    如果你想捐的话, the information you will need can be found on the forms page and your donation will be going to some great charities.

  • 赢家宣布


    祝贺麦卡锡·斯通最近举办的故事写作比赛的获胜者. The following students have been awarded book vouchers or an honourable mention for their excellent stories submitted under the theme of "Garden".

    1st 地点:伊娃,八年级(40英镑的图书券)

    2nd 地点:Sammy, 11年级(30英镑的图书券)

    3rd 地点:Sophie,七年级(20英镑的图书券)





  • 向爱丁堡公爵致敬


    Building from The 爱丁堡公爵’s vision in 1956, 英国国防部为数百万年轻人提供了发现自己无所不能的机会, achieve anything and overcome anything life throws their way, 无论他们的能力, 兴趣或背景. 因为当你向自己证明你准备好做任何事时,没有什么能阻止你.

    作为国防部的创始人, HRH The 爱丁堡公爵 has helped transform how millions of young people see themselves and see the world around them. 1956年推出, the DofE offers young people the chance to take on their own challenges, 追随自己的激情, discover new skills and make a difference in their community.

    如果您的孩子参加过教育部, we would like to find out how the DofE positively impacted their life.  To contribute please email a DofE photo and story to hollowaya@colfremantle.com

    If you are interested in participating in the DofE please email Miss Percival at percivalr@colfremantle.com 或访问 http://www.colfremantle.com/page/?标题= + +爱丁堡公爵&pid = 270 的更多信息.